MetaMask Seed Phrase: How To Find Your MetaMask Secret Recovery Phrase

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SteelWallet Seed Phrase Backup 2023 ShiftCrypto Wallet ….

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However, you could spread the seed phrase across two or more drives to make it more difficult to access, but they will still be easy to infiltrate once discovered. And just how should you store this critical key to your self-sovereign identity. Back in early January 2021, computer programmer Stefan Thomas became unable to access the 7,002 Bitcoins kept in his digital wallet due to a lost recovery seed. Cases like Stefan’s exemplify the importance of securing your recovery seed.


Hence, all crypto holders must secure their recovery phrase as much as possible. Disasters like fire, floods, or earthquakes can remove your seed phrase from existence unless you’re using crypto metal plates for your recovery key. Indeed, seed phrases can be stored in any material capable of holding information, and the private keys required to spend bitcoin can therefore be as durable as the most durable materials.

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How do you make a seed phrase?

The process of generating a seed phrase starts with generating random data, called entropy. The entropy is then run through a hashing function, specifically SHA256, to generate the checksum. Part of the checksum is then added to the random data.

Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. Also, it is worth checking that your seed phrase does not have any irregular spaces in between. Check whether the seed phrase has any incorrect spellings. All the latest cryptocurrency news, features, reviews and guides.

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What is an example of a seed phrase?

Here is an example of a 12-word seed phrase: timber, sword, where, noodle, joy, eagle, admit, tuna, vibrant, museum, gossip, river. The standard method for seed phrases is called BIP-39 —short for Bitcoin improvement proposal-39. BIP-39 was introduced in 2013 with a list of 2,048 words that could be in seed phrases.

What is a Seed Phrase your private keys forever by using SafePal CypherSeed Board which makes it impossible to endanger your seed phrase, therefore, your wallet. This method is designed to prevent your crypto from being stolen by making any would-be thief believe that they have your crypto seed phrase. As I’ve already said, keeping your seed phrase offline is an important part of crypto security (unless you’re putting only part of it in the cloud), but you can still store it digitally.

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We were contacted by a customer in California who had lost access to his NFT collection on his Metamask wallet. Of course, someone out there may already have access to your private keys, but until your asset starts to move, you will be none the wiser. And even when the funds start to move, there is no stopping them.